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3 Ways to Embrace Spring

When you think of spring, what pops into your mind? Cherry blossoms? Listening to spring peepers? Finally getting outside and feeling the sun on your face?

Spring rites of passage are many—and we look forward to them with enthusiasm each year as we come out of winter hibernation. It’s time to put away the mittens and heavy coats and transition into sandals and light sweaters. It means seeing baby ducks following Mama into the pond and promising yourself this year’s taxes will get filed on time.

Here are three ways you can embrace spring this year and make it the best one yet!

Plan a Spring Scavenger Hunt

Invite your friends and family to spend a day outside on a scavenger hunt in the beautiful spring weather. Make a list of “spring” items they need to find and then snap a picture of. For example:

crocuses, snowdrops, or another spring flower
ducks in a pond
package of Peeps
bumblebee hard at work
colorful umbrella
street sign or business name with the word “spring”
stuffed toy rabbit

Scavenger hunts can be modified for all ages, locations, length of time, and level of difficulty—it’s entirely up to you! Start planning an exciting spring scavenger hunt now and get outside to enjoy the crisp, fresh spring air.

Visit a Farm or Zoo

Springtime on a farm or at the zoo means baby animals. And no matter how young—or simply young-at-heart you are—watching cute animal babies is always a treat! Adorable foals, calves, kids, bunnies, and chicks—to name just a few—are entertaining, hilarious, and sure to put a smile on your face and lift your mood. Just Google zoos or family-owned and operated small farms in your area. You might get a chance to feed a baby goat from a bottle, snuggle up to a piglet, see a calf be born, or watch chicks hatch.

Plant a Succulent Garden

Whether you have ample space on your patio for plant pots or just a windowsill, there’s always room for a succulent or two! They don’t take up much space, require little attention, and can be found in beautiful, vibrant colors that scream spring. Some of the most colorful options are the exotic succulents—Aloe Dorotheae or Crassula Campfire. They love full sun—so be sure to place them near a bright window. If you’ve been known to kill more than your fair share of plants, then consider the commonly called “hen and chicks”—Sempervivums. The little rosettes come in a variety of colors and textures. You can even grow new plants from clippings and then share with a friend for a gift that literally keeps giving.

Happy spring 2022!

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