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4th of July: How to Make the Most of Your Day

It’s that time of the year again. Where red, white, and blue become dress code and fireworks become the entertainment of the night. Not to mention the smoky aroma of that barbecue grill and refreshing cold beverages during the warm summer sun.

4th of July is a day to be festive and a day to be appreciative of the freedom we have living in the United States. It’s never a bad thing that the 4th tends to have warm weather accompanying it as well. So as you get ready to hang out with friends, family, or any kind of loved ones, here are some tips to make the most out of your day!

Grilling Tips
Is there anything more American than grilling on the 4th of July? Barbecue and outdoor get togethers are quintessential ingredients to an enjoyable day out in the summer sun. How you attack this barbecue/party can make or break the day. Here are a few tips to keep everyone happy and definitely not hungry.

Potluck Party
Thinking that cooking everything on your own is a bad idea? Chances are it probably is, or at the very least is way too much work. That’s why incorporating a potluck style barbecue party is a great way to take stress off of you and allow everyone to contribute. Also, this gives you a chance to focus solely on the grilling aspect of the food, a contribution that needs all the attention it can get.

Easy, Simple Recipes
Don’t overthink it. Seriously, people are just happy to be together with good friends and family, they’re not expecting a 5-star dining experience. Make sure you season everything properly, marinate when necessary, and not to tinker with the food too much. Simple recipes doesn’t mean they aren’t flavorful. It just means that you’re not up all night before making sure that you didn’t over-brine the meat. When in doubt, follow a recipe!

Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail
What’s worse than bland tasting food? No food at all or food that takes forever to finish cooking. Be smart about your preparations. Barbecuing food like tri tip, pork shoulder, or ribs, leave yourself plenty of time in advance for those meats to cook. The last thing you want to tell your hungry guests is that the food is going to take a couple more hours because you didn’t preheat the grill or toss it on earlier.

Fireworks Work
What does almost every American love to see on that 4th of July night? Bangs and explosions of colorful fireworks of course! Make sure you have a local firework show planned out that you intend to go to. Not only that, but if you plan on going somewhere in a public setting, make sure you stake out a blanket and chairs earlier so that you’re not stuck behind a big tree or blocked from the main show.

Whatever way you choose to spend your day of Independence, do so responsibly and with appreciation for what the day truly means!

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