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4th of July Fun!

It’s almost here! Where warm weather days and firework-filled skies at night determine one of the best days of the year. We’re talking about 4th of July of course, also known as Independence Day. This is the day where all the friends and family come together for good food, cold drinks, and bright lights in the sky.

Here are some great 4th of July Tips/Ideas

House BBQ
Looking for a more cost-effective way to get all of your close compatriots together? Hosting a BBQ is a great way to do so. Make it a pot-luck event and see what your friends and family can bring to the table. This is also a good idea for those will little kids, as it keeps them within arms reach at all times and a safe place for them to roam around. Most neighborhoods have local fireworks around so there’s no doubt you can see the night skies light up regardless.

Beach/Water Day
Whether it’s on the lake, near the ocean, or at a swimming pool, 4th of July days are always best spent getting wet. The summer heat is in full swing at this point, so keeping yourself close to the water at all times is a great way to stay refreshed and cool in the summer heat. Plus, most bodies of water tend to have fireworks either on a barge or nearby.

Park Party
Similar to a house BBQ, going to your local park provides a great environment for friends and family to get together. Plus the atmosphere is always filled with plenty of groups of people all enjoying themselves. Most local parks will put on a firework show for people to enjoy.

Some tips to remember:
-Apply sunscreeen early and often! Summertime is no joke for the sunshine, so make sure you apply plenty of sunscreen, otherwise you’ll find yourself burnt.
-When in doubt, taxi or rideshare out! Never drink and drive, there’s a reason cabs and ubers/lyft exists, so take advantage of it if you find yourself have some cold beverages.
-Avoid holding fireworks in your hands at all costs! Even if you think you’re being safe, always set larger fireworks on the ground before lighting. The last thing you want is a trip to the ER on a fun day.
-Similar to sunscreen, drink plenty of water! Heat exhaustion in hot weather can happen faster than you think.

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