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It’s Almost Time for a Winter Wonderland

It seems like it was just yesterday that everyone was talking about the first day of fall, and here we are in the holiday season preparing for winter.

Winter is almost here with only 20 days left until the Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of year or better put, the day with the fewest hours of sunlight. December 21, the first day of winter this year, comes at different times across the Northern Hemisphere. For example, EST Winter Solstice will begin around 11:28am.

While it is common to think that winter marks the Northern Hemisphere being farthest from the Sun, it is in fact when it is closest. With winter comes everything related to chilly weather including rain and snow. The perfect time for skiers and snowboarders to hit the snow or ice skaters to take advantage of nature made ice rinks.

When it comes to fashion, fall may have marked the beginning of sweater weather but winter brings coat weather into full swing – for most places. Not only is it coat weather but it is hot cocoa weather as well! Check out these two Hot Cocoa recipes to bring some warmth to you this winter:

Homemade Hot Chocolate
Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

If that doesn’t suffice, holiday cheer is sure to bring you extra warmth this winter season with the countdown officially beginning today: 11 days until Hanukkah, 24 days until Christmas, and 25 days until Kwanzaa. From fashion to quality family and friends time, there is much to look forward to this season.

Happy holidays!

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