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American Gothic in Cincinnati!

Cincinnati August American GothicAmerican Gothic, one of the most iconic images in 20th century art and the most parodied, is now here in Cincinnati!  Take advantage of the opportunity to experience a unique exhibit that opens this weekend at The Cincinnati Art Museum featuring two Grant Wood masterpieces – American Gothic and Daughters of Revolution – appearing side by side for the first time!  

The exhibit will also include paintings by other artists from the same movement encouraging visitors to explore common themes and compare the various works opening up conversation about “realism” as an artistic style.  The exhibit runs from August 30, 2014 to November 16, 2014.  

Admission is $8 for adults, $5 for students with ID, and FREE for children 12 and under.  Museum Members are also FREE. Cincinnati Art Museum is located at 953 Eden Park Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

Click here for more information about the exhibit and related special events and programs.

(Photo Credit: mark6mauno via Compfight cc)


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