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Choosing the Right Artwork for Your Space

You’ve unpacked the last of the moving boxes and arranged the furniture. And your new place is starting to look lived in. But it doesn’t quite feel like home yet… something is missing. What is it?

Artwork! What you choose to display in your home and adorn your walls is a representation of you—your style, your personality, your passion. And it makes your new space feel like home! Choosing the right artwork can be a bit overwhelming. Of course, there are no “rules” you have to follow—let inspiration be your guide—but here are a few tips to get you started.


Kitchens are the workhorses of the home. This means they often get overlooked when it comes to artwork. (No, the Breville espresso machine you splurged on that sits regally on your countertop—although impressive—is not considered artwork.) Although your kitchen is all about function, adding a vivid splash of color or stunning framed black-and-white photography can really breathe life into the space. If you lack wall space, try using the area above your cabinets—perhaps a row of miniature paintings in a collection. No window above the sink? Create your own scenery with a landscape painting by your favorite impressionist.

Because the kitchen is a busy space, consider adding one statement piece—a bold graphic print. Love abstract? Try this: Use a colorful abstract painting or two to contrast the other predominant color in the room.

Living Room

This is the room you’ll be turning to for relaxation and unwinding from the day’s activities. So, ask yourself: Do I want to create a sense of order and serenity with carefully arranged works of art? Or be invigorated with an eclectic collection? Is my style refined or abstract?

When you figure out how you want to “feel” in the room, you can choose artwork that encapsulates those emotions. And don’t assume you have to add multiple pieces to create the perfect vibe—sometimes one or two statement pieces will do the trick. A large piece of artwork on one wall may be all that is needed—the focal point. And if your living room is small or lacking light, use mirrors to reflect the natural light and add dimension to the space.

Bedroom/Guest Room

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. So, when choosing artwork for this private space, go with your heart. Don’t think about impressing others—this is all about you. You’ll want to create a cozy, relaxed atmosphere. Or indulge your fun side with humorous pieces. Perhaps a series of prints of exotic locales you plan to visit. The artwork you choose for your bedroom should make you smile before falling asleep at night and upon waking each morning.

Your guest room is a special place you’ve prepared for friends and family—a temporary oasis. Pro tip: Neutral wall art. No, not boring… just simple, sophisticated, and complementary to the furniture and color scheme of the bedroom. Pastels are perfect for creating a fresh, calming atmosphere. Landscapes are peaceful and interesting. And artwork depicting the wonders of nature are universally appealing.

Home Office

This is where you’ll want to spend extra attention to your selection of art. Your home office is where you need to buckle down and get things done—and avoid distractions. Therefore, think about how many (or how few) pieces you need to set the right tone. If the walls get cluttered with prints and framed inspirational quotes, you may find yourself focusing more on the art than your work. If your workspace is small, consider panoramic art. It draws the eyes from left to right, creating a sense of width to open up the room.

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