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Easy DIY Decorations to Try This Fall

We’ve rounded up our favorite, super easy, DIY fall decorations to keep your apartment home looking cute (and your wallet feeling good).

Lighted Twigs

Create a cute accent for a mantel or table with a jar or vase full of twinkling fall twigs. Take a stroll in a park or cruise through your neighborhood and gather some small, thin branches at various lengths and shapes. Load the twigs into a vase and trim any ends to make them fit just the way you like. Next, pick up a string of mini twinkling lights at a local store and wrap them in and around the branches. Add your battery and watch the room take on a romantic, autumn glow with your lighted twigs.

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Gourd Candles

These gourd candles make a cute addition to any centerpiece or dining room table, without breaking the bank on expensive, decorative candles. The gourds also last a long time without rotting, since the hole cut in them is so small. Pick up a pack of tea candles and a few rounded, flat-sitting gourds or mini pumpkins from your local grocery store (mix colors and shapes for a fun variety!). Using a tea candle, draw an outline of the circumference on the top of the gourd and cut out the hole with a paring knife. Place the candle in the top and you’re ready for a show-stopping table display!

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Pottery Barn-Inspired Candles

Love those beautiful statement candles at Pottery Barn, but not the price? These DIY candles add all the class and beauty of those candles to your home, at a fraction of the cost. First, you will need a large glass vase, a pillar candle, a few deconstructed grapevine wreaths or assortment of twigs, and any harvest filler or acorns. Wrap the vines or twigs into the bottom of the vase, so that it creates a nest with a hole in the middle for the candle. Place the candle in the bottom, and add the filler around the edges, and voilà!

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Cinnamon Pine Cones

The prettiness of pine cones and the quintessential fall smell of cinnamon? Count us in! These cinnamon pine cones give us all the cozy autumn feels… and are super easy to make! First, collect some pine cones outside or buy a pack at a craft store. Also pick up a yummy cinnamon-scented essential oil, cinnamon sticks, dried fruit slices, and other fall spices from the store. Finally grab a bowl, old cake stand, or basket, and you’re ready. Fill a spray bottle with a half cup of water and add a few drops of the essential oil. Spray over the pine cones and rotate them over while you spray to coat them evenly. Mix in your cinnamon sticks, fruits, and any other spices that float your boat, and put it in/on your display item and let the scents of fall work their magic!

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There you have it, a few easy DIY decorations to try this fall that will have your guests wondering what store they can purchase similar decor.

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