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Fall Forward: Best Things to do This Fall Season

University students walking and cycling on footpath in campus.

As you might have noticed, between the hot days and long nights, there is a certain crisp bite in the air every once in a while. After the unofficial end to Summer passes the Monday after Labor Day, people tend to embrace the fall atmosphere and season.

You’ll notice pumpkin spiced drinks aplenty and cider-heavy drinks at the top of your local and not-so-local coffee shops. While it might be a little premature to start waving goodbye to Summer, it doesn’t hurt to have some fall activities planned for the not-so-distant future.

Here are a few ideas to embrace this year’s fall season:

Apple Picking: Most often accompanied with a significant other, apple picking is a great way to spend some time outdoors with a warm cup of fresh cider and a donut in hand.

Leaf Watching: As the seasons get colder, the leaves start to change color. One of the most incredible parts of fall is getting immersed in the beautiful array of colors that hang from a variety of trees. Heading out for a nice walk or hike and gazing up at these leaves is a quintessential part of any fall season.

Tailgate Season: For those who enjoy football season, this bite in the air can only mean one thing: tailgate time. Grabbing some of your college buddies, friends from home, or family members and heading to the game early to grill and hang out is a great way to spend a weekend afternoon.

Baking Time: As the summer diet starts to fade with each decrease in temperature degrees, the time to start baking increases. There’s something nostalgic about the warm and inviting smells of a baked pecan, pumpkin, or apple pie wafting through the house.

Oktoberfest: While incorporating the month of October in its name, Oktoberfest usually falls around the last week of September. This is an excellent time to hang out with those closest you, enjoy a pint or two of your favorite beer and soak in the fall flavor.



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