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Fun Spring Activities To Do This Year

Spring has sprung and with that comes warmer weather, more sunlight, and the urge to spend more time outside. While you may be overwhelmed by the sunshine and the endless opportunities it brings, we encourage you to write down a list of your favorite activities. If you need a little jumpstart to that list, we’ve added a few ways to enjoy your spring sunshine.

Here’s What To Do This Spring

Go Camping

Time to dust off that tent, get your sleeping bag out of the attic and get ready for some camping. Spring time is always ideal for camping because it’s never too hot during the day and with everything in bloom, it’s sure to be a beautiful sight outdoors.

Go To The Beach

Take advantage of those random heat waves that roll through spring and get your tan on. Warm spring days at the beach get everyone excited for what’s to come. Plus playing some beach volleyball or taking a refreshing dip in the water is never a bad time.

Go Kayaking

Maybe that water is looking a little more enticing than a simple swim. If that’s the case, break out your kayak or rent one for the day. Kayaking is not only an incredible workout, but a great way to explore the water and enjoy the refreshing breeze.

Go Hiking

If you’ve been cooped up because of snow or cold weather, it’s time to fully embrace nature and go on an adventurous hike. Depending on how ambitious you want to get, you can choose to make it a leisurely hike with a planned picnic at the top of the trail or a grueling, yet rewarding, trek to really soak in the good views.

Go Canoeing

Looking for a way to explore the water with family or friends? Rent a large canoe for the day and explore the water with some good company. Canoeing can be an easy way to get to certain parts of the lake that you may not otherwise get to without a boat.

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