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Let’s Get Organized

It’s that time of year again—everyone is talking about getting their life organized. What about you? Ready to set aside a few hours and start removing the clutter and bringing in the calm?

Here are three areas that you can start organizing—it doesn’t require a lot of time or money—but will yield huge benefits.

Organizing Your Kitchen

Whether your kitchen is big or small, the clutter can easily get out of control. So, step one is to take everything out and get an accurate assessment of much stuff you really have. And while they’re empty, thoroughly clean and sanitize drawers and cupboards. Next, start a pile of the items that aren’t going to make the cut; these are the things you have multiples of (do you really need seven wooden spoons or two crockpots?) or things that you haven’t used in so long that you actually forgot you had them. Keep only what you actually need and will use.

Keep drawers neat with trays and use expandable cookware organizers in cupboards. Easy-to-install pull-out cabinet drawers make it a cinch to find small appliances hidden in the back that you don’t use regularly. Airtight food storage containers can be stacked and labeled; they free up space and you can see how much you have left at a glance. Tiered turntables are perfect for small items like spices. Gain the upper hand on your “junk drawer” by adding a cork liner; no more rolling around, everything stays put. The goal is to keep your most used kitchen items in easy reach; everything else is neatly stored out of sight. Cooking and cleanup time can be reduced when your kitchen is organized, functional, and clutter-free.

Organizing Your Closet

You have to get dressed everyday (yes… even if you work from home) and quickly locating clean clothes, shoes, and accessories can cut down on frustration and bad outfit choices. To optimize your closet space, organize your clothes by category: pants, tops, dresses, work-appropriate, loungewear, outerwear, and accessories. This will allow you to quickly see what options you have for each category. As you go through your clothes, be sure to start a “donate” pile for anything you don’t love and haven’t worn. If you are hesitating; that’s your answer. Don’t forget to wipe down all the closet surfaces while empty.

Configure the space for your needs. Add more shelves or multiple hanging rods. Use hooks on the side walls for hanging accessories like belts, scarves, and jewelry. Hang everything in the same direction with longer items together (this frees up space under the shorter items for shoe stands). Streamline your closet with matching hangers. And keep your most used items at eye level and within easy reach. Use storage containers for seasonal clothing and hide these under the bed.

Organizing Your Finances

Keeping your finances organized can actually save you money (say goodbye to those pesky late fees). Keep your bank statements, bills, and other financial documents together. Use this information to prepare a realistic budget. Use an app to track your spending habits. Set up a payment calendar or use automatic bill pay online with a debit or credit card. You’ll never miss a payment again due to forgetfulness. Try to consolidate any unnecessary bank accounts or credit cards.

So, tackle these organization projects one at a time. You’ll be amazed how good you feel after completing each one. And you may just be inspired to add a few more to the list!

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