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Spring Into Fitness With 5 Easy Steps!

Spring Into Fitness Pic TRXSpring has sprung! As the snow and ice slowly thaws in the colder parts of the country, you may be feeling the itch to get moving. Maybe your New Year’s zeal to get in shape was short lived; but now that the weather is warming up, you are revisiting your desire to get fit.

If you haven’t successfully stayed active in the past, spring may be a good time to re-evaluate. The key here is “To thine own self be true.”

People who customize their workout to suit their goals, personality, and lifestyle tend to stick with it.

5 Steps To A Successful Personal Fitness Plan

  1. Write down your fitness goals. People who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them!
  2. Think about what motivates you to take action. For example you may be driven by an intense atmosphere, social connection, fun, competition, accountability, or being part of a workout community.
  3. Identify the top 5 challenges and/or aspects of your lifestyle that have been keeping you from working out. If you don’t solve the problems that are in your way, you will never stick with being active and your goals won’t come to fruition.
  4. Google search options that seem to be a good fit based on what you have identified in the above steps.
  5. Write out a plan that fits your goals and motivational style that addresses your top obstacles and fits into your life style. And voila, you’re on the road to staying active and getting fit!

Common Obstacles & Solutions

  • I’m too busy! Put your workout into your schedule at the most optimal time of day for you and treat it as if it’s an official appointment. You will find that you are more productive and better able to meet the demands of busy life if you have been physically active.
  • Frequent Business Trips keep me from being consistent in my workouts. A portable workout like TRX that can easily fit in your suitcase may be a great option for you. Google it. Consider bringing along another highly portable and effective workout tool -a jump rope.
  • I find it hard to get to the gym or even to my on-site workout room. You can do TRX or Kettle Bells in the comfort of your own living room. Even 10-15 minutes will go a long way toward getting both cardio and muscle toning time in.
  • I have kids. Working out is hard to fit in when they’re around. Incorporate physical activity into your family time via hiking, biking, playing tag or sports in the park, you can even do playground workouts or find a track to run with the kids. Some parents bring TRX or Jungle Gym suspension workout system to the park and attach it to a tree for a quick workout while the kids let their energy out on the playground.
  • I don’t stay focused or motivated unless I’m being told what to do. Get a personal trainer, take a class, or use a video.

Workout Ideas Based on Motivational Style

  • Competitive/Team –Recreational Sports are great fits for those motivated by competition and/or a sense of team.
  • Social/Accountability – Social butterflies do well to find a workout partner that allows for some chat time while doing a power walk or whatever the chosen activity is. If you look forward to meeting up with a friend, you are more likely to keep your workout appointment.
  • Goal & Deadline Oriented – Does working toward a goal inspire you? Does a deadline light a fire under you? Then you may enjoy registering and training for races. Take baby steps to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Start by registering for a 5K. Races often provide a training plan to help you get prepared.
  • Intensity – If you like to be pushed beyond your limits in an intense atmosphere, try a fitness boot camp type program or find a local CrossFit location. These types of workouts also appeal to those motivated by competition and a sense of being part of a “hard core” fitness community.
  • Fun – If you are all about having a good time and not into hitting the gym, schedule weekly activities that double as recreation like hiking, biking or even a sport like racquetball. You may even consider finding a dance class. The only rule here is: find something active that is fun for you and go for it!

So, don’t procrastinate. Sit down, write out your goals, identify your motivational style, and smash the obstacles to come up with a success plan! With your personalized plan in hand you can easily spring into fitness!

(Photo Credit: jmangless via Compfight cc)

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