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St. Patrick’s Day – 7 Ways to Celebrate

irish dancersWhen we were kids, Saint Patrick’s Day was all about wearing green, right? You pinched your friends who didn’t wear green, but not before first asking if they had on green underwear of course.

Now that we’re older, the day consists of drinking Irish beer and enjoying an annual corned beef and cabbage meal. You may even head out to an Irish pub or local parade.

Not to burst your bubble, but corned beef and cabbage is not something that’s eaten often in Ireland on holidays and definitely isn’t customarily associated with Saint Patrick’s Day on the Emerald Isle. In fact, Saint Patrick’s Day was never a big celebration in Ireland at all.

Irish immigrants to America popularized the holiday when they began having annual parades as a way to build unity & political power by expressing pride. Corned beef became the go to holiday meal because it was more accessible than pork, the meat commonly eaten in Ireland. Over time, as Irish immigrants moved from marginalized to mainstream, the day turned into something all Americans embraced right along with corned beef and cabbage. Saint Patrick’s Day is a truly American tradition and it’s a great opportunity to revel in festivities that harken to Irish heritage.

But, if your idea of experiencing Irish culture is wearing green, eating Lucky Charms, and drinking a Guinness, it may be time to step up your game! But no worries, we’re here to help.

This March, why not try something new? Here are 7 fun ideas!

  1. Learn an Irish Jig Find a fun video tutorial here.
  2. Listen to The ChieftansClick here.
  3. Cook a Traditional Irish DishFind a recipe here.
  4. Make Irish Soda BreadHere are the simple steps.
  5. Watch Irish Step DancingClick here to see an example.
  6. Listen to the Uillean Pipes (like bagpipes but Irish) – See & hear it here.
  7. Eat Corned Beef & CabbageTry a fresh take from The Pioneer Woman.

We think Saint Patrick’s Day is a charming American celebration and a festive way to honor all the great men and women of Irish descent who have contributed to the fabric of America! How will you celebrate it?

(Photo Credit: TartanHearts via Compfight cc )

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