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Thanksgiving Fun

While many are quick to put up Christmas decorations right after they take off their Halloween costumes, we must not forget Thanksgiving! This food-filled holiday is one that, when done right, is the perfect blend of family and friend time, food comas, and great conversation. With this is mind, we’re here to present you with a few tips to ensure that your Thanksgiving goes off without a hitch.

Helpful Tips for A Festive Thanksgiving

Get a Headcount

Without trying to be Captain Obvious, the most important aspect of planning is to get a rough or near estimate of how many people are going to attend the dinner. Find out if your family or friends are bringing another person (or two.) While some people opt to buy a larger turkey when more people join, we recommend cooking two normal sized turkeys instead. Larger turkeys having a great tendency of drying up and are harder to keep more flavorful.

Plan Your Menu

Nothing is more disappointing at a Thanksgiving meal than bland sides or not enough. (Ps. You can never have enough mashed potatoes.) Make sure you’re properly delegating who cooks what and what they intend of bringing with them.

Potluck Saves Lives

Potluck is always the way to go for those who don’t really love going all out on the cooking experience. It takes away unnecessary stress and time away from the host and allows other people to bring some of their cooking ideas with them. Just make sure they don’t ruin a good thing! (We’re looking at you Auntie who tried something new with the mashed potatoes.)

Set the Table the Night Before

This is actually can be applied to anything that can be done before. So with that said…

Anything that can be prepared or done in advanced, please do! You’ll thank yourself later when you’re rushing to the store at the last minute because you forgot the pumpkin pie.

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