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The Art of Creating More Space in Your Apartment

Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

We’ve all been spending a bit more time in our homes over the last few months (reality check:  a lot more time stuck at home) and perhaps you’ve started to feel like the walls are slowly closing in.  What seemed like a relatively big apartment space before, may now appear less than spacious.  And although you may not be able to change the amount of time you are required to stay-at-home or enlarge the actual footprint of your apartment, you can create the illusion of more space.  There’s an art to doing so and it can be achieved relatively simply. 

4 Steps to Creating More Space in Your Apartment

1.      Choose one piece of large furniture per room. 

Too many pieces of furniture will make a room feel small and cramped.  Especially if the pieces are large and competing with each other.  Instead, select one piece that will serve as the “anchor” and then remove any other large items.  For example, the living room sofa is no doubt the largest item in the room.  Instead of cramming in additional large chairs and a huge coffee table, replace these with two small side tables and apartment-sized space-saving chairs.  The side tables should also serve a dual purpose — storage below and large enough to hold a lamp for additional lighting if needed. 

2.      Organize and declutter. 

Clutter and chaos spell disaster when it comes to creating the illusion that your space is bigger than it actually is.  If separation anxiety is holding you back from a serious decluttering session, be firm and tell yourself you can’t bring in another item until you send something packing.  Remind yourself that you need the space and organization more than the item itself, even if it does carry sentimentality.  Take a mental or digital picture of it to retain the good memory and then donate the item.  Once you’ve pared down the amount of stuff you have in the room, it’s time to organize the remaining items.  Use totes or bins on bookshelves or under a coffee table to group and hide away items.  Don’t forget about all the unused space under your bed — rolling bins with lids are perfect for seasonal clothes and shoes, winter blankets, etc. 

3.   Keep your style simple. 

Who doesn’t love spending an afternoon wandering around IKEA?  The practical design and clean lines of a simplistic style for small spaces creates a feeling of relaxation and comfort.  Recreate this feeling by adhering to a simple, chic style and using one color scheme for the entire apartment; this can keep the rooms from feeing disconnected.  A simple, classic color for the comforter or sofa allows you to add small pops of color in décor items such as throw pillows.  A neutral, such as gray, is timeless and works with any colors you introduce into the space. 

4.   Mirrors are miracle workers!

When properly placed, mirrors artfully trick your eye into thinking there is much more space in a room.  A large mirror with an eye-catching frame serves as wall décor and catches light from windows to reflect throughout the room.  When used to provide the illusion of space, the bigger the better! 


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