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Why We Love October

Remember the feeling of excitement you felt as you ran out the door to play with your friends in the neighborhood—jumping in the biggest pile of leaves on the block, getting buried in an avalanche of orange, red, and brown dry, crinkled leaves?  And then walking home shuffling your feet, loving the crackling sound beneath?  After hours of play outside in the crisp October air, you couldn’t wait to get inside and have hot cocoa with mini marshmallows that Mom always had waiting.  So many great fall memories!

And this why we love October

October is the kindest of the transition months—slowly taking us from summer into fall, still providing some warm, sunny days and then a gentle nod towards colder months ahead with a few crisp mornings and evenings.  The cooler daytime temps make it a great time to engage in outdoor activities—walking, hiking, biking—whatever gets you off the couch and outside.  And you will be rewarded with what you find waiting:  The most beautiful display of vivid colors from the turning leaves.  It’s time to be a kid again—grab a scarf and cozy sweater and make a date to play with friends (grownup-style) and celebrate October!

It’s a walk in the park

Gather up the family, call a friend, or get Fido; it’s time to meet up to take a long walk in a local park (maintaining social distancing as appropriate).  Don’t settle for just the section of the park you are familiar with; try new trails and discover what you’ve been missing.  Bring the essentials:  Hot coffee or mulled apple cider to sip on and your photographer’s eye.  Whether in color or black and white, capturing the simple elegance of leaves falling across a park bench or a pathway is always satisfying.  Be your 7-year-old-self again and stop to pick up some leaves that really speak to you; bring them home and use as fall décor.  Take the time to stroll—not rush—really being in the present as you explore the trails and breathe in the crispness of the fall air. 

A day hike is beckoning you

Move your workout outside!  Research online which local hiking trails will best suit your desired level of activity; a meandering walk around a lake or a strenuous climb up a mountain?  It’s up to you!  Day hikes are perfect for October—with less humidity in the air, many people find it much easier to exert themselves and maintain endurance.  Hiking is an excellent way to burn calories and is a weight-bearing exercise that builds muscle mass.  As you immerse yourself in the calm of the natural setting around you, taking in the serenity of autumn at its peak, you’ll be benefiting not only your cardio health but your mental health as well.  It’s a win-win!

Think of others…

October is a great time to think about your neighbors—it’s been a long COVID-summer, and many have had to face unprecedented challenges along the way.  One of the simplest acts of kindness, but means so much to the recipient, is when a neighbor drops off a delicious homemade treat.  Nothing says October and fall quite like the aroma of pumpkin—fresh-baked pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin whoopie pies, or even a bag of pumpkin coffee from a local roaster.  Is there someone in your building or neighborhood who could use a kind gesture, a little treat to brighten up their day?  You just never know what your thoughtful gift can do to lift the spirits of another.  So, stock up on some pumpkins from the farmer’s market and start baking! 

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